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Religious, Grantmaking, Civic, Professional, and Similar Organizations

Personal CV Writing by Mike Kelley  
his CV and resume writing website offers CV writing and consultancy advice with samples and templates to download.

Digestive Disease Week  
Organization of practitioners focused on digestive diseases. A site for professionals.

Canadian Diabetes Association  
To promote the health of Canadians through diabetes research, education, services and advocacy.

National Diabetes Information Clearing House  
Bilingual information ( English & Spanish ) on diabetes symptoms, tests, diagnosis, treatment, clinical trials, research, education and more.

The American Diabetes Association  
The American Diabetes Association is leading the fight against the deadly consequences of diabetes and fighting for those affected by diabetes. The Association funds research to prevent, cure and manage diabetes; delivers services to hundreds of communities; provides objective and credible information; and gives voice to those denied their rights because of diabetes. Founded in 1940, our mission is to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

Diabetes UK  
The largest organisation in the UK working for people with diabetes, funding research, campaigning and helping people live with the condition.

Diabetes Daily  
An active diabetes support community featuring a diabetes forum, live chat, blogs, diabetes information, and diabetes news.

Diabetes Health  
Offers information on Type 1, type 2 diabetes, causes, symptoms, treatments and medication, Includes videos, news articles, blogs.

The Diabetes Insipidus Foundation, Inc.  
Provides information on the different forms of diabetes insipidus. Includes an email support group, articles, brochures, FAQs, and other information.

A gold mine of straight talk and encouragement for people living with diabetes.

The Diabetes Research Institute  
Offers education on how to manage type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Institute's Kosow Center provides comprehensive medical treatment to individuals and families living with diabetes.

National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse  
A service of the national institute of diabetes and digestive and kidney diseases (NIDDK), NIH.

Disability Outreach Foundation  
You're as able as you want to be

EAA Chapter 1129  
EAA Chapter 1129 Mission Statement: Build, restore, innovate and educate to preserve Alaska 's aviation heritage, and to promote Alaska 's aviation future .

EAA Chapter 825  
The purpose of this site is to provide information on the activities and projects of Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 825 in Alabaster, Alabama.

EAA Chpater 1209  
The leader in recreational aviation

EAA Chapter 190  
To encourage and foster design and development of amature-built aircraft To provide information, knowledge, and assistance to the amateur aircraft builders, restorers of vintage aircraft, and sport aviation enthusiasts To foster and promote aviation safety To encourage, aid, and engage in scientific research to improve the understanding of aviation and the science of aeronautics. To provide a source of information and education for aviation related activities

EAA Chapter 42  
Experimental Aircraft Association, Chapter 42, Anchorage Alaska

EAA Chapter 683  
To Help encourage flight and the presents of the local flying community, whether it be "home built" "kit" or "production" aircraft. To do this through "Young Eagles" and other local programs.

EAA Chapter 822  
The Spirit of Aviation

EAA Chapter 890  
Welcome to Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 890. We are an active group of aviation enthusiasts in and around Fort Payne, Alabama. Join us on the second Saturday of each month for our monthly meeting or fly in and join us for breakfast on any month with a fifth Saturday. Stop by Isbell Field (4A9) any time for stories and friendship.

The Electric Auto Association (EAA)  
The Electric Auto Association (EAA) was formed in 1967 by Walter Laski in San Jose, California. The EAA is a non-profit educational organization that promotes the advancement and widespread adoption of Electric Vehicles. Electric vehicles (EVs) are a clean, quiet alternative to conventional automobiles, which are powered by petroleum derivatives that, when burned, emit noxious gases into the environment.

Earth Vision Correction  
Vision Correction

EatLocalChallenge.com is a group blog written by authors who are interested in the benefits of eating food grown and produced in their local foodshed.

The American Dietetic Association  
The American Dietetic Association is the world's largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. ADA is committed to improving the nation’s health and advancing the profession of dietetics through research, education and advocacy.

www.EdwardJanus.net | Disability Network Connections.  
Edward Janus | Disability Advocate and Activist, and www.EdwardJanus.net | Disability Network Connections is an Online Media. Campaign and Mission is Fighting for Persons with Disabilities. Making Our Voices Heard. Daily Internet Activism for Supporting Causes of Change. Signing Letters, Petitions, and Sharing News.

The Endocrine Society  
Professional endocrinology organization that promotes understanding of hormone, metabolism and gland communication through resear

EndocrineWeb.com - Endocrine Diseases: thyroid, parathyroid adrenal and diabetes  
Large award winning site written by doctors and patients FOR PATIENTS. Over 200 pages and illustrations for thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal. Find a local doctor, support group or join the chat rooms. Updated daily, includes the newest treatments; new pages weekly.

Epilepsy information covering symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, support and more.

Epilepsy Awareness Group  
Includes epilepsy resources, epilepsy community , inspirational stories of epilepsy advocates who have taken an active role in seizure control.

Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington, D.C.  
The Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington, D.C. is a non profit (501 [c]3) organization of electric vehicle owners, hobbyists, educators and enthusiasts dedicated to promoting the use of electric vehicles (EV's) as an environmental and energy alternative. EVA/DC was formed in 1980 as a chapter of the nationwide Electric Auto Association (EAA), and holds regular monthly meetings, public displays, car shows and "tech" sessions to exchange information.

Eye Cancer  
Provides eye cancer information related to symptoms, treatment, physician finder and message boards ( support groups )

Neurological Disorders Resources  
Resources on common neurological disorders from the University of Washington

Farm Aid: Family farmers, good food, a better America  
Taking Action to Change the System Farm Aid works with and provides grants to local, regional and national organizations to promote fair farm policies and grassroots organizing campaigns to defend and bolster family farm centered agriculture. By strengthening the voices of family farmers themselves, Farm Aid stands up for the most resourceful, heroic Americans–the family farmers who work the land.

We believe social networking can bring independent farms and people together to restore balance in our agricultural system. In the past, farmers and their customers were centered around small towns where they interacted directly with each other in a transparent and sustainable way. We see social networking as a new way of interacting with independent farmers and supporting sustainable agriculture. We believe social networking can help the small farm survive and thrive in a big agriculture world.

FarmPolicy.com is a daily summary of news relating to U.S. farm policy. Updates highlight news items dealing with the U.S. and global agricultural economy, including the Farm Bill, production agriculture, trade, biofuels and crop insurance. Columns by renowned agriculture reporters Dan Morgan and Roger Waite —have also been posted exclusively at FarmPolicy.com

FDA Flu Vaccination Information  
Flu vaccine shots resources from Food & Drugs Administration.

Fear oF Flying Help Course  
Free Online Self-Help Course! "I want to help!" No Time to Attend a Fear of Flying Class? If Only You Could Enjoy Flying Without Fear... You Are Not Alone

Flu Clinic Locator  
Helps one find flu shot clinic using a zip code search facility.

Flu Star - Influenza Information  
Offers comprehensive resources on flu ( influenza ) symptoms, treatments, flue shots, flue tracker information according to location.

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