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Manufacturing I

“The first choice for value added vegetable oil solutions”  
AAK refines vegetable oils for specialised products which meet our customers' high requirements.

Kefir Grains  
a source for possibly the best probiotic beverage in the world. Kefir is something you can make at home for the cost of milk. You need no fancy equipment. All you need is a glass jar, a source of good milk, and some real kefir grains.

My Baby Sleeps Safe  
Invented in 1991 and popular worldwide for years, the Babysense V is finally available in the U.S. The simplest and most reliable monitor available, the Babysense V is comprised of two very sensitive sensor pads which are placed under the baby's mattress, and a high speed microprocessor control unit.

PhytoTrade Africa  
PhytoTrade Africa was established in 2002 as the trade association of the natural products industry in Southern Africa. “Natural products” are products derived from plants indigenous to Southern Africa; they include foods, drinks, oils and ingredients used by the food and cosmetics industries.

All Raw Times  
Raw foods

Real Raw Food  
Just organic is not good enough. Our purpose is to provide unheated, non GMO, pure organically grown foods at a fair price. That means paying more to the grower in some cases and lower to the consumer in most cases.

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