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Spinal Cord Injury Information ~ SCI-Info-Pages.com  
Quadriplegic, paraplegic and caregiver resources for those living with a spinal cord injury or other disabling injuries or disease of the spine.

Science news and updates

Search Engine Strategies (SES)  
Search Engine Strategies (SES) is the leading global conference & expo series that educates delegates on search engine marketing (SEM), including optimization (SEO) and advertising strategies, tactics and best practices. SES Search Marketing Events provide instruction from the industry's top Search experts, including representatives from the Search Engines themselves.

Search Engine Tigers  
SEO Consulting, In-House SEO Training, Social Media Insights

Search Engine Watch  
Search Engine Watch provides tips and information about searching the web, analysis of the search engine industry and help to site owners trying to improve their ability to be found in search engines. The links below provide more information about the site and its operation.

Liana (a.k.a Li) is the creator and main contributor to Search Marketing Gurus and has assembled a well rounded group of professional search marketing professionals to contribute to the blog. Li has an extensive I.T. and marketing background, holding degrees in both Public Relations and Information Systems. In a prior life, Li was a database and visual basic programmer who "found the light" with search marketing back in 1999.

Founded in 1997, SearchRank is an original search and social media marketing company that is based in Phoenix, Arizona. We provide strategic search engine marketing and social media marketing services for Fortune 500 companies, international businesses, small businesses and entrepreneurs from just about every type of industry.

Search DIrectory  
Changing the way the world looks at the Internet

Creating the Climate For Change  
Our mission is to pave the way for a global scale-up of investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy. SEFI is the UNEP Sustainable Energy Finance Initiative - a platform providing financiers with the tools, support, and global network needed to conceive and manage investments in the complex and rapidly changing marketplace for clean energy technologies.

Eat Like Me  
I hope you will gain new meal and snack ideas from seeing what I eat every day. It's not practical for anyone to copy every bite, but you can use my examples, adjusting the amount of food to your particular needs, and be on your way to a healthier diet.

The SEMClubHouse is the “playground” for a group of SEM experts who love to share their thoughts and ideas on subjects related to search and social marketing. Our contributors have years of experience in the online marketing trenches.

It's all about making sense of search marketing

SEO-Scientist - applying the scientific method to EO  
I am a student of Molecular Ecology at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

SEO Book.com  
SEO Book.com is a leading SEO website

The Search Engine Roundtable  
The Search Engine Roundtable is proud to have a list of well-known and respected authors that represent each of the major Search Engine Marketing related forums on the Internet. The highest number of Articles at the Roundtable sorts this list.

Simon Heseltine  
Back in 1992 I graduated with a BA (hons) degree in Business Administration (minors in Marketing and Programming) from the University of Humberside in Hull, England, along with a diploma from the Institute of Administrative Management in Orpington Kent. I then immediately moved to the US. After a few years of working in the IT / Marketing department of a millwork firm, I went back to school, taking programming courses at the Chubb Institute in Philadelphia.

Simple and eco-friendly green home solutions  
Simple and eco-friendly green home solutions to issues faced by today's homeowners. From diy home repairs to completely going green to cleaning up our indoor and outdoor environments.

I have a belief that individuals and small businesses can lead the way in slowing climate change. While government and larger organizations are finding ways to tackle environmental policies, there is much we can do individually, one small step at a time

Simple Living  

Welcome to the Alternatives for Simple Living  
Alternatives is a non-profit organization that equips people of faith to challenge consumerism, live justly and create meaningful celebrations Alternatives started in 1973 to promote an alternative biblical vision of life based on voluntary simplicity, stewardship of creation, and encouraging meaningful celebrations that reflect conscientious earth friendly ways of living.

Simple Living Institute  
Promoting Sustainability in Central Florida - Simple Living Institute is dedicated to news, programs, and events exclusively related to our non-profit purpose, we will use our Blog to keep you updated on items of interest both in relation to Simple Living and our broader community of like-minded people and organizations.

The Center For Sustainable Living  
“A local living economy is an economy in which basic needs are produced close to home in ways that are sustainable and don't harm the environment.... We need a local food system, a local energy system, local clothing manufacturing, and green building methods. In the face of climate change and peak oil, our survival depends on community self-reliance.” – Judy Wicks

Slim-Shoppin.com - Eating right starts in the cart  
am starting this blog to share my love of food, food finds, healthy recipes, and to hopefully lose weight. I just turned 40 41! , went to the doctor for a regular physical, and found out not only do I have high cholesterol, but high blood pressure too! My doctor has advised me to lose weight, and I met with a dietician to help me get on track.

Slow Food USA  
Slow Food is an idea, a way of living and a way of eating. It is a global, grassroots movement with thousands of members around the world that links the pleasure of food with a commitment to community and the environment.

smart2begreen is a website and subscriber-based eco-newsletter that provides "Simple Steps to Greener Living."

Stop Smoking  
No-Smoking provides its visitors with all kinds of refined methods that help you to give up the unbearable and intolerable addiction to smoking and other bad habits.

Soil And Health Library  
Health begins in the soil; Healing begins with hygiene; Liberty begins with freedom.

Solar Energy Use  
This site informs visitors about the multiple advantages of using solar energy in your home and how to convert sun light into cheap heat or electricity. You may also learn about some examples of common projects very easy to set up that you may consider for your home without lowering your living standards.

Univeristy of Florida - Solutions for your life  
Our economy, culture, quality of life, and politics are closely tied to the environment. Sustainable practices enable us to meet our current needs without compromising the next generation's ability to satisfy their own needs. We can preserve our natural heritage and conserve natural resources for the future by living sustainably.

A unique project promoting an awareness of the many health benefits of a plant-based (vegan) diet: Health of humans; Health of the animals; Health of the planet!

Automotive Industry Directory News  
Although cars have been around a little bit over a century, they have become an integral part of our lives.

Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture  
Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture is a farm, a kitchen, a classroom–an exhibit, a laboratory, a campus. The mission of this unique, nonprofit, member-driven collaboration is to celebrate, teach and advance community-based food production and enjoyment, from farm to classroom to table.

Store Builder  
The Essential Website Promotion Guide

Streetdirectory.com is an online mapping and travel guide for users planning to visit Singapore, Indonesia, & Malaysia. Here, users like tourists, locals, and expatriates, can find useful information through the rich travel related content and interactive Internet maps.

General Business Directory  
General Business Directory with a large holistic health section.

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What's in a name? Suite101.com's door is open to the curious novice looking for a "101" intro to any of our 400 topics, but it's also a meeting place for over 17 million readers each month who ask 101 burning questions. We aim for the ground-floor appeal our name implies, spiced with an eclectic mix of topical commentary and candid advice. In short, the genuine article. With 12 years online, over 200,000 articles and more than 2,500 professional, paid contract writers, Suite101.com is dedicated to delivering great articles by skilled writers. In doing so, we aim to create opportunities for writers at every stage of their careers.

Vegetarian, Vegan And Raw Food Information  
Vegetarian, Vegan And Raw Food Information

The Sunlight Research Forum  
To help bring to the fore, the latest medical and scientific information on the effects of moderate UV exposure on man.

SUNN - solar powered electric car kit  
You can design and build a car that makes you happy when you drive and makes you smile when you look at it. We are offering plans and assemblies so can custom design and build your own car which can be driven on roads with a speed limit of less than 35 MPH (in states that have a low speed vehicle law). The car is recharged from the sun or can be plugged in. It has a top speed of 25 MPH and a range of 30 miles. It is street legal: windshield wiper, disc brakes, seat belts, turn signals and lights. It can also be use to travel around in campgrounds and gated communities

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