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Chemical Manufacturing

Never Wax Your Car Again!  
NASA Technology Eliminates Waxing Forever And Keeps Your Car Incredibly Clean!

Unique Gift Ideas -Wedding Reception Favors  
PurpleEgg has unique gift ideas for her including spa bath petal shaped soaps, bath fizzers and leaf shaped soaps. Our unique bath soaps are beautifully packaged, ready for that special occasion.

Deodorant Rock  
The natural approach to control body odor.

Frostproof Growers has become an industry leader in most of our product lines by offering top quality products at substantial savings to the professional use

Glycerin Soap  
Luxurious handmade glycerin soap.

Hydrogen generators  
We carry hydrogen generator kits and parts for DIY'ers to help you save fuel on your gas or dieslel vehicles. Learn how Hydrogen-On-Demand works and will lower your emiisons. Find out 12 things you should know before you purchase a hydrogen generator. Our Revolution HHO Generator doesn't freeze!

Why renewable hydrogen will replace oil  
Welcome to the International Clearinghouse for Hydrogen Commerce - BUILDING A WORLD THAT WORKS TM

dedicated to the sale of 100% natural organic (& Vegetarian) skin care and body care products with a comprehensive range of bodycare products to suit all skin types.

Orthomolecular Vitamin Information Centre  
The mission of the Centre is to provide accurate, unbiased information in a non medical setting about the properties and uses of vitamins.

Clevens K-9 Scoop  
Clevens K-9 Scoop, LLC is your solution to a dog waste free environment. Let our dog waste removal service take care of the most unpleasant but necessary part of dog ownership- scooping the poop.

Hair Loss or Thinning Hair  
Recapture Hair treatment helps revive weakened hair roots and promote healthy hair growth.

Recycler's World  
Recycler's World was established to promote the trade of scrap & waste materials. The site is structured by Section/Category/Grade and encompasses the entire spectrum of by-products, scrap or waste materials and includes all types used items. To get the best result from this website, please add a listing into the exchange of anything you wish to buy/sell or trade.

Vaccination Information Service  
Vaccination Information Service will inform you primarily about the key fundamentals, indeed critical flaws, of vaccination (or "immunisation") that apply to every type of vaccine - for children, adults (travel vaccines and other) and all animals.

People Advocating Vaccine Education

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