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Ambulatory Health Care Services

Wellsphere is a free online community where regular people, enthusiasts and professionals can connect, inspire and educate each other about health, fitness and well-being.

Guide to The Alexander Technique  
Guide to The Alexander Technique provided by STAT - The Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique

Stepping Stone Center - Jacksonville, FL  
Florida based center offering addiction treatment, alcohol detox, rehabilitation, drug addiction and chemical dependency treatment.

Synergistic Healing  
Holistic Health services, including Healing Touch Reiki, Quantum Touch, Trauma Release. HOLISTIC WELLNESS DIRECTORY.Holistic wellness is being in optimal health-incorporating mind, body and spirit

Talk About Sleep  
Sleep disorder community providing information and resources on Sleep Disorders.

Dental Amalgam Resource & Holistic Dentist - Mercury Free Dentist Directory  
The Source for the Mercury Toxicity Issue Community since 1997. Holistic Doctors & Alternative Medicine Directory

Ear Infection  
You can detect an ear infection during it's early stages using this powerful otoscope. Use this ear infection detection tool to find an ear infection early.

Complementary Medical Association (CMA) UK  
Keeping you up to date with all the latest important complementary medical and natural healthcare news

The Butterfly Guide  
Our goal is to be the most comprehensive, informative holistic health practitioner directory on the internet.

The Cool Spot  
Resources, information, and support on alcohol use and abuse among teenagers.

East West School for Herbal and Aromatic Studies  
Offers aromatherapy practitioner certification and training. Offers both on campus as well as distance learning education.

Therapy Essence  
Provides database of aromatherapy essential oils and Tools for selection of oils and blends.

Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute of H. H. the Dalai Lama  
Resources on traditional Tibetan medical system including Himalayan herbs, constitutional nutrition, cleansing, massage, right lifestyle, and Tibetan astrology.

Tibetan Medicine Resources  
Includes information on history and practice of tibetan medicine, publications and a newsletter.

TibetMed - for Tibetan Medicine Information and Research  
TibetMed is devoted to information and research on Tibetan medicine, Medicine Buddha and tantric teachings. Features Ask Dr. Namseling - Tibetan doctor answers your health questions.

Transcendental Meditation (TM)  
Provides information about TM Program as introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Official website.

The Tennessee Reflexology Association  
Information, Members, News, and Contact Info.

Advanced Massage Therapy & Bodywork  
Portland, Oregon massage therapist, Hamid Shibata Bennett, LMT.

Addiction Treatment Centers  
Drug Treatment Centers Alcohol Rehab Programs and Drug Rehabilitation Centers. Honcode accredited.

Treatment Centers  
National Directory bringing together treatment centers as well as therapists and specialists addressing drug addiction, alcoholism and other illnesses and conditions.

USANA Health Products  
Offers wide range of natural products with International distributor network.

Welcome to the only online directory of its kind for the V.I. This is a one stop, single source to quickly locate health care professionals and services.

Vital Spirit Natural Health  
Qualified Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist. Get help with chronic health issues.

Mobility Aids - Products to improve your mobility  
There are many things to consider when shopping for mobility aids. Perhaps the first thing that you will want to think about is which mobility products will best suit your needs. For instance, people who do not have a serious disability but just trouble getting around due to an injury may benefit most from canes or walkers. On the other hand, people who are disabled and unable to walk for stand for long periods of time will probably need wheelchairs or scooters.

Acutouch Coaching  
Belgium based teacher offers basic course in acutouch.

Want To Stop Gambling  
Provides a free help guide ( 1 hour read ) to gambling addicts, free chat access to other problem gamblers and comprehensive list of things that can be done to stop gambling addiction.

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Durable Medical Equipment, sales and service

ONDCP - White House Office of National Drug Control Policy  
Federal Govt website provides drug addiction information. Features include treatment, prevention, support resources and substance abuse treatment facility locator.

Women for Sobriety  
Non-profit organization provides help to women overcome alcoholism and other addictions.

Holistic Health & Alternative Medicine Resources  
Alternative Medicine Resources, Articles, and Supplements for your Women's Health and Hormonal Problems! Health Answers for the whole family!

Homeopathy Articles  
Comprehensive homeopathy information by Dr Sarage, MD Homeopath.

Yin Yang House  
Acupuncture and alternative medicine information resource.

Healing Power Meditations  
Meditations for Cancer Recovery, Cardiac Relaxation, and Rehabilitation- for pain reduction and relaxation, are available in CD and cassette format. Meditations contain guided imagery, progressive relaxation, breathe work, illness specific images.

Your Pregnancy  
Information, advice and resources to help women with conception, fertility, infertility, pregnancy, baby's early months and menopause

zHealth Info  
Provides information about Alternative, Ayruvedic, Aromatherapy, Homeopathic, Essential Oils, Flower Remedies, Herbs, with Remedies A-Z.

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