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Natural Wart Remedy - Get Rid of Warts Painlessly

Natural Wart Remedy - Painless, All-Natural Wart Treatment

A completely natural wart remedy is readily available and painless. If you’ve ever been to a dermatologist to get rid of warts, you’ve probably dealt with them through a painful process of freezing or burning off of the affected tissue. However, there’s a completely painless way of getting rid of warts that’s probably already in your kitchen pantry – the common russet potato.

First, gently wash the potato in warm soapy water, removing any excess dirt that may still be on the skin. Next, take a small, thin peeling from the potato’s skin, just enough to cover each wart. Make sure that there’s a thin layer of both skin and “meat” (the white, inner portion of the potato) in your peeling. Apply the peeling, meat side down, on the wart, covering it completely. Keep the peeling in place with a Band-Aid or medical tape. Leave the potato peeling on for not more than one day, replacing it each night before bed and each morning before you begin your day. The wart should typically disappear within 3 to 5 days; keep repeating the process until the wart has completely disappeared.

It’s not clear why the application of a thin potato peeling is such an effective way to get rid of warts, but it is certainly a less expensive, less invasive, and less painful alternative to freezing warts or burning warts as is usually performed by dermatologists.

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