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Diabetes, Adult-Type Diabetes, Type-II Diabetes, Type-I Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, and Other Conditions Related to Blood Sugar Levels

Prevention and Management of Diabetes

Type II diabetes is considered a preventable disease, and yet the incidence of what is also known as adult-type diabetes is growing, even among children. This section will provide useful information related to the lifestyle changes that can be made to prevent the disease, as well as tools for coping with it. While the focus is on type II diabetes, approaches for preventing and managing type I diabetes and gestational diabetes can also be found here.

How to Lower Blood Sugar

Type II Diabetes has become one of the fastest-growing health concerns of modern society - and amazingly, it was nearly non-existent just a century ago. Several studies of primitive cultures have clearly shown that diet and exercise are two of the most important components in preventing the disease.

Blood Sugar Conditions

High blood sugar leads to Diabetes; low blood sugar can also lead to Diabetes. Balancing blood sugar with proper diet, supplements, and exercise can be done, as will be described below.

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